Restream & Archive Links

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! currently no restreams because I have problems with my hoster

I set up the servers manually for every restream, that means the links are not accessable until shortly before one

if you can’t connect to the site while a restream is live then your dns cache might be out of date
to prevent this either use cloudflares resolver or clear the cache by typing ipconfig /flushdns in cmd

Archive LInks

kitsunes fc2 archive: fc2 - sussy stash

  • huge archive of asmr works from dlsite
  • pretty UI and quick downloads through cloudflare
  • has build in player with support for subtitles

  • very similar to, but has ads and downloads go through

  • public archiver for Patreon, Fantia, Fanbox, dlsite, Gumroad etc

  • forum for posting pirated content
  • you need an account to be able to use the search function

  • torrent site focused on jav, but you can find asmr there too

  • onedrive index with tons of asmr just like

  • almost exclusively uses hosts where you need premium to get good download speeds