Filehost List

requirements to be listed:

  • no account required to upload or download files
  • no pro/premium account needed to get acceptable download speed (like turbobit or rapidgator)
  • files stay up for at least a week without a download

hosts are ranked based on quality and handling of copyright claims


! currently has registrations disabled

  • File-limit: Maximum upload size per file is 2 GB
  • File-expiration: Inactive files will get deleted 30 days after the last visit.
  • requires an account but no email or confirmation is needed, just put in something random


  • File-limit: 10GB per file
  • File-expiration: their website says files are “kept for days” but they usually stay up very long


  • File-limit: File size is limited to 300GB. Storage capacity is not limited
  • File-expiration: Files can be removed after 15 days without downloads for guests, 30 days for registered users
  • there is a waiting time between downloads


  • File-limit: none
  • File-expiration: If a file is no longer downloaded, it becomes inactive and is subject to deletion after 10 days


  • File-limit: 20 GB per file
  • File-expiration: Files will be removed if they have not been viewed for 60 days. A view is counted when someone visits the file’s download page
  • there is a download limit of 10 GB per day (24 hours). When this threshold is reached your download speed will be reduced to 1 MiB/s